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An Active Zone is a designated area in the office that encourages movement, relaxation and physical activity. It contributes to the wellness and overall health of employees.

Employees can use these zones at different times of the day. Active Zones are built by companies that commit to offer a healthy lifestyle to their employees who sit at desks for more than 10-12 hours a day.

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ELEVA zone
Stand up for Fitness!

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An average person will sit for up to 10-13 hours per day and excessive sitting is associated with 35 diseases not to mention loss of productivity at work.


Good news is people who become more active at work increase their productivity by 15% and we make that happen!


We create Active Zones in offices. A space with sit-stand desks that will allow people to alternate between sitting and standing during work. Other products that form a part of this zone are Laptop Risers, Anti-fatigue Mats, Balance Board, Kneeling stools, Ball chairs, Active Kits for 5 mins workout, treadmill desk, cycle desk – all of them aimed at an anti-sedentary life at work. 

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A good thumb rule is to have one standing desk for every 4-6 employees.

An Active Zone is a designated area for standing desks accessible to all employees.This promotes movement and helps employees health and well being.

Join the Movement !

Neuroplasticity, Learning Something New !

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Everytime the brain processes new information, neurons fire, new pathways form, and the malleable brain alters its shape and structure. In the recent years, several researchers have found out that it's possible to conciously directed neuroplasticity to optimize your brain function, improve your work performance and even influence your team's performance.

Combine the power of neuroplasticity and quick five / ten minutes breaks in your workplace to harness the power of talking better decisons, re-think a problem or dramatically increase our productivity in the workplace.

Learn sports like table tennis, foosball, basketball in these quick play breaks to rejuvenate your brain cells and get back to your desks with renewed neuropathways that help you function better.


ARENA in office

In the process of trying to win the game and strategizing , one tends to improve focusing abilities, it stimulates the tactically centred portions of your brain. Learning a new sport rewires neurons using neurons using neuroplasticity  keeping your brain more agile. Anybody not wanting sharper employees?

We enable you to build sports zones in your office that incorporates physical activity in between hectic workdays. From setting up a dedicated room for various indoor sports like ping pong table, foosball tables, basketball hoops, virtual golf and our favourite paddle zones (like pickleball & padel tennis) we also offer treadmills & cycles. Idea is to create breakout zones where one can unwind and relax.

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Neurons at Work when you Play

Neuroplasticity or the brain's ability to change and restructure itself is a super hack !

Join the Play !

Explore Our B2B Pricing Options

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace. set up Hybrid working solutions, Integrate Neuroplasticity at work and also procure through ESG norms

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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