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Set Posture in Motion using a range of Risers & Sit- Stand Desks

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Sit to Stand


Office Solutions

Seamlessly integrate simple solutions to keep your workforce active & productive.


Laptop Risers

Adjustable laptop risers raise your laptop screens to eye level which in turn corrects your sitting posture.It keeps your spine and neck in place. A laptop riser is your spine and necks best friend.


Sit-Stand Desk

Fitizen Open Desk is ideal for those who need more space and have an eye for grandeur. The table top size and colour is customised. Available in electric & manual versions.


Sit- Stand Convertors

The most minimalistic of all our sit- stand desks, the ZEN series is built for functionality , sturdiness , yet aesthetically compliments office spaces. 

Hybrid Solutions

With the corporate world moving into hybrid mode, we pivoted to create an ' on the move' solution for remote workers & digital nomads. Our desks & risers support posture & movement everyplace that you work from.


Ergonomics @ WFH

Everything starts with right posture. We have integrative laptop risers that correct your posture and add mobility to your work environment.


WFH Sit-Stand Desk

Beat your sedentary work- life using a our Movement Desks that correct your posture and adds Movement & Play to your work life.



Wall Mount Desk

Our Hybrid risers are location agnostic! We have Movement desks created specifically for offices & homes. Ask for our Active Kits & Wellness kits too.

Posture & Movement is everything in your Work, Play & Social life.

We are Fitizen- the Movement partner at Workplace. We integrate movement at work using Movement Desks, Posture Kits & Play areas.

Small steps, big impact

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Explore Our B2B Pricing Options

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace. set up Hybrid working solutions, Integrate Neuroplasticity at work and also procure through ESG norms

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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