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Play keeps you healthy & agile 

Make your workplace play friendly.

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Spearheading Pickleball for Corporates


AIPA (All India Pickleball Association) introduced Pickleball in India, and is responsible for its promotion, development and popularity of Pickleball here. AIPA is spearheading the rapid proliferation of pickleball.Fitizen has partnered with AIPA to foster the growth of Pickleball as a dynamic way to improve Employee Engagement, Team Camaraderie and improve Work - Life balance to corporates.


Corporate Pickleball

Have you heard about world's fastest growing sport yet ? 


Pickleball, a dynamic and inclusive sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has gained significant popularity in recent years. Its unique blend of strategy, athleticism, and social interaction makes it an excellent choice for introducing a new sport within corporate settings. Let's explore the benefits of Pickleball for corporates and how it can positively impact employee engagement and well-being.

Inclusive and Accessible

Physical and Mental Health

Team Building and Collaboration

Community Building

Work-Life Balance

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Invest in Pickleball and empower your employees to enjoy a sport that promotes fitness, teamwork, and fun.

By introducing Pickleball in your corporate environment, you prioritize employee well-being, team building, and work-life balance. This engaging and inclusive sport brings numerous benefits to your organization, including enhanced employee engagement, improved physical and mental health, and a positive work culture

Introduce Pickleball at work, Here is How


Training & Coaching

Company to nominate employees who need proper training and guidance to enjoy the sport and improve their skills.Coaching sessions can be scheduled by AIPA certified coaches during lunch breaks or after working hours or even at their nearest Pickleball court, allowing employees to participate without compromising their work responsibilities.

On Campus Set Up :

We propose setting up a dedicated Pickleball court on your campus premises. Our team of experts will assess available space, design the court layout for a fun court or a mini court or a wall training unit.The on-campus court will provide easy access and convenience, promoting regular participation and employee interaction.

Corporate Pickleball Tournament :

Encourage employees to form teams and participate in regular Pickleball events, such as inter-departmental tournaments or friendly matches. Nominate employee teams to represent the company in corporate games and local/regional Pickleball tournaments.Participation can be voluntary or incentivized through rewards, recognition, or team-building activities.

Play Anywhere !

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