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7 kind of Snacks that are good for your health at work!

Snacking has a notorious reputation but just like exercise makes almost everything better, exercise snacking makes life at work better!

New research shows exercise “snacks,” which consist of brief spurts of exertion spread throughout the day, can improve metabolic health, raise endurance and stave off some of the undesirable changes in our muscles that otherwise occur when we sit too long.

Exercise snacking solves one of the biggest health triggers- long duration sitting! Multiple studies have reinforced the notion that we should sit less.

Exercise snacking has grown out of research on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) repeated short bursts of high intensity exercise with intervals of active rest. Requires minimal time commitment; something that most of us have very little of! 6 out of 10 working professionals give time as their number one reason for not exercising or being fit!

Exercise snacks are uniquely effective at counteracting downsides of prolonged sitting because we know the effects of sitting for too long on metabolic health can be so severe that they almost cancel out any health benefits from a daily workout.Almost any activity that gets you up and moving” can be an exercise snack. Ideally should last for a max of five minutes, preferably every half-hour Instead of doing one big workout a day. It encourages you to get in some movement throughout the day in shorter bursts. It’s a more accessible option for people who find exercise triggering or physically difficult. For those who have a condition or find working out more difficult, practicing the appropriate small exercise snacks means that they aren’t putting themselves under too much pressure too soon

A study in 2022 in ‘Exercise & Sports Sciences Review’ found that “exercise snacks” — at intervals throughout the day was a “feasible, well-tolerated, and time-efficient approach” to improving heart and lung health and reduces the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on cardiometabolic health.

So how does one do it:

1. Deskercise: Deskercise is a type of exercise that can be done while sitting at a desk. These exercises include exercises such as chair squats, leg raises, and seated twists. These exercises can help strengthen the core muscles, improve posture, and increase circulation.

2. Walking meetings: Instead of having a meeting in a conference room, consider having a walking meeting. Walking meetings are a great way to get some exercise while also discussing work-related matters. This can help improve focus, creativity, and productivity.

3. Stretching: Stretching exercises can be done at the office to help reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility. These exercises include stretches such as neck rolls, shoulder rolls, and leg stretches. They can be done during a break or before or after work.

4. Yoga: Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and improve flexibility. There are a variety of yoga poses that can be done at the office, such as seated twists, chair pose, and warrior II. Yoga can be done during a break or before or after work.

5. Desk Push-ups: Push-ups can be modified to be done at the desk by doing push-ups on the edge of the desk. This will help in strengthening the arms and core.

6. Resistance band exercises: Resistance bands are a great way to add resistance to exercises, and they can be easily stored in a desk drawer. Exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, and leg curls can be done with resistance bands.

7. Take the stairs: Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. This can help increase cardiovascular fitness and can be a great way to add a little extra activity to your day.

And yes! Everything in excess is trouble😊

It is important to keep in mind that these exercises should be done in moderation and not overdone, so you don’t end up feeling too tired to work.

Snack it up! Stay Healthy!

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