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Kits to keep you Engaged & Active.


Active lifestyle accentuates every aspect of our lives.

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With 1/3rd of our lives being spent at work, being active at work becomes a priority.

Active At Work (AAW) Kits are a perfect addition to your Employee Engagement, Corporate Wellness and ESG Initiatives

As Joining Kits, Performance Rewards and Wellness Kits. For companies, an active fit employee not only contributes more to the organization increases productivity but also improves the well-being of the organization.  Fitizen offers a variety of solutions to keep employees engaged and active in premium packed small kits.


(Active At Work) Joining Kits

What better way to welcome your new recruits, than telling them that we value your health. Our Active at Work Joining Kits enables you for an Active lifestyle at work. With Risers for proper posture at work, A water bottle that along with water consumptions, reminds you to stretch a bit, and an active wear- cotton tee/ hoodie which you can flaunt your pride for your company along with being casual & comfortable to move.




Laptop  Riser


Casual Wear

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 You never get a second chance to make a first impression too!

Fitizen conceptualizes engagement kits that excites new joiners, fortifies the company culture and is sustainable too! Fitizen joining kits has products that make employees feel a part of the system quick and is completely customizable.

Joining Kits!

Encourage your team !

For companies, committed to the well-being of their employees, we customize bulk wellness kits and hampers; complete with their branding on the kits and other merchandise. What’s better is we strive to use maximum sustainability through an effective supply chain!

For perfect occasions to communicate with your team about importance of health, encourage them with our Active Kits.


Active Kits

It Includes Resistance Bands for Mini workouts throughout the day every hour that can add to your cumulative fitness goals. An Active tee- moisture wicking tee, which will keep your airy keeping those sweat away, an Active Bottle with excercises to keep your hydrated during your game and a Waist Pouch to help you carry your belongings when you go for your walk or run.

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Workout Wear


Sports Bottle


Waist Belt


Exercise Band

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Encourage your team to play a sport or run a marathon!

With our ‘Active Kits’, you can remain active through the day using short five-minute break or even run a marathon!


Active Kits!


Explore Our B2B Pricing Options

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace. set up Hybrid working solutions, Integrate Neuroplasticity at work and also procure through ESG norms

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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