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Trusted by 15,000+ customers

We help you build a highly active & productive workforce using adaptable ergonomic products & biomechanic solutions.

Office Ergonomics

Hybrid Work solutions

Factory Biomechanics

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Posture & Movement is everything in your Work, Play & Social life.

We are Fitizen- your Ergonomics partner at Workplace. We integrate movement at work using Sit- Stand Desks, Posture Kits & Play areas.

Small steps, big impact.

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We are on a Mission to enable One Million people adopt an anti – sedentary lifestyle by 2025!

A sedentary lifestyle leaves you vulnerable to bad posture and hence aches, pains, muscle tightness and mental fatigue.

Join the Movement !


What We Offer

Integrative solutions to everyday health & wellness at work.


Ergonomic Kits

Everything starts with right posture. We have a range of laptop risers that correct your posture and add mobility to work environment.


Sit-Stand Desk

Beat your sedentary work- life using our Sit- Stand Desks that correct posture. It adds Movement & Play to your work life.



Hybrid Solutions

Our risers are location agnostic! Our sit- stand desks created specifically for offices & homes and Active kits are popular too.

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Active Zones

Short, quick breaks at work  enhance productivity. Level up on tactical thinking skills,  and bust stress effectively with these play breaks.

For furniture & home decor, we have partnered with India's largest online furniture marketplace.

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Keeping the workforce sharp & agile with Science, Neurons & Play

A quick five/ten minutes break that gets our brains into a ‘diffuse mode’ – A mode that allows you to rejuvenate, refocus and think better! 

‘Play’ puts us in ‘Diffuse Mode’ instantly; the reason why a play break is your key to peak productivity.


Fitizen ESG

Health and wellness are emerging as major components of ESG criteria, influencing responsible companies and shaping companies ESG strategies.

We spend 90% of our time indoors and more than 1/3 of our life at work. Leaders understand that the physical and mental wellness of their people has a direct impact on organisational performance.

Movement is an integral part of spatial and work experience model that prioritises wellness and resilience in the workplace.

At Fitizen we have various products & services that align with companies ESG initiatives

Ergonomics & Hybrid solutions

Wellness at workplace

Sustainable Materials

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For Industrial Ergonomics, we partnered with India's largest integrated platform for buying and selling of industrial products.


Trusted Amongst Industry Leaders

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace.

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What Our Users Say

My lower back and neck used to ache a lot due to my posture during long online sessions. But now, thanks to the Fitizen's Zen Movement Desk, I am able to keep my neck straight up and have engaging conversations. It's simple yet sturdy tool to improve our everyday work habits. 

Shubhendu Sharma,

Founder & Director


My back surgery woke me up to the benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk. Research led me to Fitizen. Their Open Desk gave me enough choices for movement given the limitations of space in my apartment. I am using Fitizen Open Desk and my back is super thankful!

Rajesh Nair,

Team Lead (Marcom)


Coming from a fitness background I'm conscious about the ill effects of sitting for long hours with poor posture. The Fitizen ENSKY desk gives me the option of switching  from sitting to standing easily.It will go a long way in supporting good health and posture

Devrath Vijay,


AOS & Sweaty Ninjas


Our products are also available at

Major ecommerce platforms and B2B procurement companies have partnered with us.

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Explore Our B2B Pricing Options

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace. set up Hybrid working solutions and also procure through ESG norms

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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