FITIZEN is an inventive enterprise founded on the guiding principle of developing products for an all inclusive fitness lifestyle. We use innovative ideas to develop products that integrate fitness goals seamlessly into our day-today lifestyle. Our first series is an ergonomic furniture range ZEN, which blends with the modern work lifestyle. Our utilitarian products in this range like standing desks, wall mounted desks & laptop stands focuses on correct ergonomics and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We are soon launching an array of other products under FITIZEN to manage your fitness and wellness goals


ZEN Series


In today’s sedentary lifestyle, due to continuous usage of laptops and smartphones, our body is susceptible to long term injuries like neck pain and back pain. It is recommended that we stand up after every 20 mints while working instead of sitting continuously for hours. To cater to this segment we developed the ZEN series. These products elevate laptop/desktop from the desk while working in a sitting position to give an ideal screen view angle.  ZEN Standing desk’s enables user to stand and work at various adjustable heights. It also has an adjustable keyboard arm for keeping the keyboard at an ergonomically comfortable height. 


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