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Long working hours add to the sedentary lifestyle most office goers slip into; however a bad posture accelerates the aches and pains. Pain in the back, neck, shoulder, wrist and even fingers are common for people with bad postures like drooping shoulders, incorrect placement of laptop, mouse or the screen.


The Riser Sleeve is the 2 - in- 1 Laptop Sleeve


It provides the safety and protection of a laptop sleeve.Super Easy to carry. The correct elevation ensures that your laptop is closer to  your eye level. You can use a separate keyboard and a mouse to make it better.


Riser - Sleeve

SKU: FITI- 195
    • Material : Leatherette
    • Dimensions:
    • Colours :  Black & Blue
    • Ergonomic Design, Elevates Laptop
    • Supports max weight up to 4 kgs,
    • Lightweight, Portable, carry wherever you go,
    • Provide air ventilation
    • Supports up to Laptop size: 15 “