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5 Reasons to say ‘YES’ to a sit-stand desk at work!

Leonardo Da Vinci and Ernest Hemingway; geniuses way ahead of their time knew this centuries ago; but then better late than never !

A 2009 study showed that we spent 77% of our work time sitting and Sitting is the new smoking! Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle is perhaps the most common reason for all our lifestyle diseases like obesity, low metabolic rates, chronic aches & pains? Fortunately like most problems in life; getting rid of a sedentary lifestyle at work has an easy solution too.

A Sit & Stand Desk!

1) It reduces the risk of obesity: Standing and working increases calorie burn by 50 calories every hour. Alternating between standing and sitting at work allows muscles to recharge better and your muscles release lesser levels of lipoprotein lipase.

2) Lowers levels of glucose in the blood: Increased levels of activity consistently through the day lowers blood glucose levels helping management of type 2 diabetes.

3) Saves your neck, back and shoulders: Standing corrects your posture compared to the slouched positions that we all slip into when we sit for a prolonged time. It decreases the tension in muscles around your shoulder leading to a marked improvement in muscles around the neck and shoulder.

4) Decreases cardiovascular risks: Adults who spend two more hours per day sitting have a 125% increased risk of health problems related to cardiovascular disease, including chest pain and heart attacks, than those who sit less than 2 hours per day. Another reason for you to stand at work!

5) Increases blood flow: Constant movement caused by alternating between sitting and standing increases the blood flow to the limbs aiding circulation. This lowers the risk of pains and aches that could occur if one leads a sedentary lifestyle.

To reap the health benefits of standing and reduce potential side effects, it's best to alternate between sitting and standing. Taking time to do it can help you manage neck and back pain, and improve your overall health!

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