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Biomechanics - a deeper understanding of how we perform, move and interact with the physical world.

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Analyzing movements and postures of your employees

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Analyzing movements and postures of your employees, it detects potential risks and hazards lurking. Say goodbye to the days of costs and productivity dips due to preventable injuries. 


Biomechanics boosts your organization's profitability. By preventing injuries and enhancing productivity, you're reducing medical costs, insurance premiums, and absenteeism. With biomechanics on your side, you can create a safer work environment and protect your most valuable asset – your employees.

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Understanding the importance of Biomechanics in the organisational world today, we have collaborated with Vayu Technology, a Digital Health company with a focus on Biomechanics. 


Vayu has worked extensively with several elite sports persons including Olympic medal winners, youth academies, armed forces, and medical professionals across India and the US.


Equilibrium is Vayu’s set of patented sensors and/or mobile based solutions through which we replicate the functionality of sports science labs anywhere, anytime, without the need of expensive equipment while still maintaining Gold Standard accuracy on results.

Industry Worker

Industry & Manufacturing Sector

  • Objective validation of movement patterns for individuals dealing with heavy loads and strenuous environments, leading to informed best practices and mitigation of injury / reduced workers compensation.

  • Long term solution of continuous live movement monitoring via mobile app to flag any high-risk movement patterns.

Together Fitizen & Vayu, we combine ergonomics and biomechanics to create an absolute game-changer for workers well-being and the bottom line at organisations.

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In the ever-evolving world of business, you can't afford to overlook the power of biomechanics.

It's not just about preventing injuries and boosting productivity; it's about creating a thriving, future-proof organization

Well- Being

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Without any additional hardware or excess time spent, we can test all employees on metrics that would be relevant to them. This could include but not be limited to: Balance test (fall and concussion risk), Walking gait (phone in pocket), Jump test, Sit to Stand Test, TUG test.

Everyone would get a personalised set of exercises to do to help solve any potential concerns. Users would also get regular reminders on their phones to do the exercises.

Leader board and Progress charts: To track employee well-being over time.This could be used to:

  • Reward employees for taking better care of themselves.

  • Potentially reduce corporate insurance rates.

  • Most importantly, gamify the process of becoming healthier and less stressed.

Health First !

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace. Set up Hybrid working solutions and also procure through ESG norms.

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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