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Hybrid working and studying has become a part of the new normal. It is now important to design spaces that keep you and your kid active and ergonomically fit at home!

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Hybrid is here to stay !


Hybrid Solutions

With the corporate world moving into hybrid mode, we pivoted to create an ' on the move' solution for remote workers & digital nomads. Our desks & risers support posture & movement everyplace that you work from.


Ergonomics @ WFH

Everything starts with right posture. We have integrative laptop risers that correct your posture and add mobility to your work environment.


Sit-Stand Convertor

Beat your sedentary work- life using a our Movement Desks that correct your posture and adds Movement & Play to your work life.



Wall Mount Desk

Our Hybrid risers are location agnostic! We have Movement desks created specifically for offices & homes. Ask for our Active Kits & Wellness kits too.

One Family, One Desk

With adjustable heights between 2ft. to 4ft., all Fitizen movement desks can be fixed at ergonomically appropriate heights for both adults and kids. You need just one. You can use it to alternatively sit & stand keeping you active too! 


A perfect study table for kids and a working one for adults. 

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A Fitizen lifestyle for Youngsters!

Schools, colleges and E-sports(Gaming) culture are the start of a sedentary lifestyle for us at a young age. We are rewarded to sit still. Add to it, slouching over laptops to watch movies, browse through social media, most youngsters develop hunched backs, bad posture and niggling pains. 

Numerous studies have found out that any and all regular movement benefits students. At Fitizen, we help you develop and maintain correct posture and regular movement very early to ensure you don't slip into a sedentary lifestyle as you grow into adult work life. One of the best ways to add movement into your sedentary ‘study life’ is to have standing desks. You can use it to alternate between standing and sitting!

The Multi Utility Desk

 Fitizen movement desks can be fixed at ergonomically appropriate heights for various utilities. At home,use it as a coffee table, work table or even a treadmill desk.


You need just one! 

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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