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Embracing employee health and wellbeing as a key component of ESG initiatives.


Health footprint

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Movement inclusion into everyday work life is one of the easiest measures to promote employee well-being. Small yet powerful movements when seamlessly integrated into work creates sustainable adoption of anti- sedentary lifestyle at work.

Embracing employee health and wellbeing as a key component of their ESG initiatives and seeing the two as interwoven not only caters to ESG strategies but also improves their bottom Line.

It is a Win-Win. 



Organizations can integrate well-being into work by offering flexibility. Flexibility can be with respect to working hours or working locations.


We make it easy for employees to adopt a flexible way of work with our range of work desk solutions that are location agnostic. We encourage work scheduling that allows a 5 min break every 30 mins or 10 mins, every hour.



In today’s work environment, especially after the great resignation drive, companies need to provide a greater mix of benefits & programs that support workforce well-being.


Our solutions range from posture assessments, identifying sedentary lifestyle to providing corrective measures . We help enhance your neuroplasticity by learning new sports within the office and outside.


We also encourage organizations to promote employee as well as family wellness programs. Subscriptions to various wellness initiatives to employees to be extended to their family too.



A healthy workplace is one where ergonomics & active lifestyle is integrated seamlessly within the design. Our height adjustable posture accessories and standing desks fit in just right. Each employee is different;  needing customization for height.


Work environments hacks ranging from improving air & smell quality , more natural light, customized options for sound & music that enable mental performance, thermal comforts and various nourishments to enrich the workplace experience.

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Everyone finds wellness in their own way!

We are here to make a difference to your organisations ‘Health footprint’ in ESG goals!

Sustainable Sourcing


We understand Sustainable sourcing is a competitive advantage in a world driven by ESG initiatives. Our value chain across procurement and implementation promotes environmental, social and economic best practices. Each of our Wellness offering is optimized for sustainability in the way it is conceptualized, sourced and implemented helping you ramp up your ESG commitments even more!

Explore Our B2B Pricing Options

Know how easily you can convert your office into an Active Workspace. set up Hybrid working solutions, Integrate Neuroplasticity at work and also procure through ESG norms

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Active Work Solutions

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